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Cathdrale NotreDame de Reims by VincentZenon t

Cathdrale NotreDame de Reims by VincentZenon t


Cathédrale de Chartres (la dentelle en pierre) Centre

La Reconduction Photographique

Reims Cathedral, France

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Later flying buttresses of the apse of Notre-Dame (14th century) reached 15 meters from the wall to the counter-supports.

Notre-Dame est en constante restauration depuis bientôt plus d'un siècle sous l'impulsion constante de la société des amis de la cathédrale.

Gothic architecture - Choir, northeast end

Cathédrale Saint-Etienne Châlons 220407.jpg

Soissons Cathedral

Aix-en-Provence Cathedrale Saint-Sauveur 1 20061227.jpg

Illustration of the Last Judgement, central portal of west facade

Cathédrale Saint-Gatien de Tours.JPG

Gothic architecture - Interior, inside and back side of northeastern façade

Chartres Cathedral · Notre Dame, Paris

Interior, chevet

Bayeux Cathedral

Chartres Cathedral. Notre Dame ...

Exterior of the rose at Strasbourg Cathedral, France

Ancient Diocese of Laon

Interior, crossing

Interior, chevet

Notre Dame Reims

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Marseille

Interior, nave

Roman Catholic Diocese of Beauvais

Interior, chevet

Interior, crossing

Interior, nave

Notre-Dame's high altar with the kneeling statues of Louis XIII and Louis XIV


Notre-Dame de Paris, France, north transept.

Early six-part rib vaults of the nave. The ribs transferred the thrust of the weight of the roof downward and outwards to the pillars and the supporting ...

Interior, crossing

Roman Catholic Diocese of Pontoise


Roman Catholic Diocese of Chartres

Symbolism: the north rose of Notre Dame, Paris, has at its centre the Blessed Virgin Mary and Christ Child in Majesty, surrounded by prophets and saints.

Église Notre-Dame-en-Vaux

Architectural drawing of the rose window of Strasbourg Cathedral

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Interior, crossing

Chartres Cathedral


Roman Catholic Diocese of Meaux

Collégiale Notre-Dame

Viviers Cathedral

Interior, nave

Interior, western frontispiece, clerestory level

Interior of the rose at Strasbourg Cathedral

Church of Notre-Dame of Dijon



Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Paris


Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Dijon


Cathédrale Sainte-Cécile

Cathédrale Notre-Dame

Interior, nave


Co-Cathedral of Logroño

The west Rose window (about 1225)


St. Mary's Cathedral, Calgary (1957). Photo: Maxwell Bates.

Roman Catholic Diocese of Liège

Chalon Cathedral

Interior, north nave aisle

Église Saint-Vincent-de-Paul

Église Saint-Étienne

A RT • A R C H I T E C T U R E • G A S T R O N O M Y • A R C H A E O L O G Y • H I S T O R Y • M U S I C

Interior, nave

Cathedral of Saint Paul (Minnesota)

Interior, north nave aisle


Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Shenyang

Notre Dame, Montreal - the church was built in 1672; this photograph depicts the

Cathédrale Notre-Dame

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Lyon

Interior, crossing

ChristChurch Cathedral, Christchurch

image reims_exterior1355016090784-thumb for term side of card

Cultural depictions of Joan of Arc

Notre-Dame de Paris - The spire and east side of the cathedral

Stained glass

Roman Catholic Diocese of Séez

Interior, chevet

Troia Cathedral

Interior, chevet

Fensterrose der Kathedrale Notre-Dame de Paris

Interior, nave

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Lille