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Slow grenade Mural of Environmental Art series All Caps store

Slow grenade Mural of Environmental Art series All Caps store


“Slow grenade” Mural of Environmental Art series. All Caps store. Bali. 2018. | Murals in 2019 | Pinterest | Environmental Art, Art and Art series.


The mural by Lmnopi that Zexor defaced. It now carries her word: EVOLVE. People other than Zexor are still vandalizing it today. Photo by Natasha Rodriguez

Shiro's mural in Bushwick has been covered up by scaffolding. Photo by Natasha Rodriguez

Graffiti artists decorate the pillars under the M2 highway in Newtown, Johannesburg every year. The crew efforts are judged in a competition as part of the ...

Dublin Street Art

Robbing the Banksy

Martha Cooper standing with windows full of her images at the Rising Moon makers store. 20x21EUG Mural Project / 2018 Edition. Eugene, Oregon.

Hops Art's A Tree Grows in Bushwick mural. Part of the Bushwick Collective. Photo by Natasha Rodriguez.

Martha Cooper standing with windows full of her images at the Rising Moon makers store. 20x21EUG Mural Project / 2018 Edition. Eugene, Oregon.

Trips & Riot

“Farang Bar”. @farangbarspb St. Petersburg . Russia 2018

“Art is an evolutionary act. The shape of art and its role in society is constantly changing. At no point is art static.” ― Raymond Salvatore Harmon, BOMB: ...

Rasty & Falko

Detail of the Bushwick Collective mural inspired by the artist Matt Adnate. The mural has been vandalized by many bombers. Photo by Natasha Rodriguez.

Zexor's mural in the Bushwick Collective. Photo by Natasha Rodriguez

Street artwork in downtown Turners Falls. Photo by Chris Goudreau

Tropical girl with traditional sumban pattern. Collab with @easytigerr_ & @clara.fosca

AFRICA \\ Mural Art in Malawi with Mook Lion October 21st, 2015

Lee Marvin, painted utility boxes in North Richland Hills, Texas. I'm


Spent ...

The negative space between musical notes fittingly spells out 'Le Silence' in this creative mural by Milan-based street artist Eme, located in Strasbourg, ...

Live graffiti by: WosOne, Taik, Stops, Mook Lion, Spook, Giffy, Hoser.


#Sociopath, Portrait of Taras Shevchenko from Trilogy: Icons of Revolution, 2014,

PICS \\ Langa Graffiti Competition, Cape Town April 24th, 2015

Church prepares for Michael Brown funeral

Featured post Get to the chopper!

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For the third instalment of the Westdene Graffiti Project - a suburban make-over - we recap all the new walls painted in 2016, from January to June…

Local Zambian kids painting their favourite leaves.

Artist: Neil Farber, Title: Urban Sunset, 2012 - click for larger image

MISSING THE FOREST FOR THE TREES: Mathare's environmental apartheid

Artist: , Title: Religionists Hate the Future, 2010 - click for larger image

Over a decade later, 2014:

Artist: , Title: Thunderstorm Over Parking Lot, 2012 - click for larger image

Sunday, December 16 – Sunday, December 23, 2018

Tropical girl with traditional sumban pattern. Collab with @easytigerr_ & @clara.fosca

20x21EUG Mural Project / 2018 Edition. Eugene, Oregon. (photo © Martha Cooper)

Mwamba at the Johannesburg wall being prepped and primed.

Artist Mbali Dlamini next to the Johannesburg wall.

Graham Smith

Mural in Santiago del Estero / Ruta de Murales / 2016 Konex

Public art in an alley adjacent to Commercial Drive in Vancouver BC Canada.

Mwamba creating a heron between the graffiti.


Fein said that he and friends “had been looking for a building for graffiti artists to bomb (a term for elaborate spray painting),” when he found developer ...

NZ mural

Sara Erenthal drew this piece on the cardboard she found in the trash bin. After she was done painting, she put it back in the trash bin.

Community members enjoying the new seating. Zambian artist ...

Artist: , Title: Untitled, 2005 - click for larger image

Artist: , Title: Who's the Bubba, 2016 - click for larger image

Local murals in Berbera with the range of goods for sale at the store

Johannesburg work in progress.

7 019 cover lo res

A very inspired young man from the local street children program who came to volunteer with the artwork.

This image of anti-apartheid activist Ruth First was painted on the side of a

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Grafitti. Photo by: Nathan Thornburgh

Keltie Ferris: (F(U(T( )U)R)E

Photos: Irene Quirk

Myuran Sukumaran and his art

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Artist: , Title: Landscape with boy smoking marijuana, 2016 - click for larger

Amp1, 2013

So pausing, perusing at the wall, I ask: what is this representation of past, present and future? Whose history? As an artist who often mines the deep ...

Hassan Khan scanned all 271 painted illustrations in the 1981 edition of The Hamlyn Children's History of the World, which he has owned since he was eight, ...

BD-05_Dill and Flanigan

Buenos Aires Flaneur: The View from the Streets



Next, we have Agent Mab admiring some street art. It feels like something straight out of the game!


Protesters gather Wednesday, July 6, in front of the convenience store where Alton Sterling

Environmental problems plague industry

the Stranger

Current and Upcoming Exhibitions Department of Cultural Affairs Media Center :: Events Calendar


35 Stunning Museum Shows to See in New York Over the Holidays, From Renaissance Jewel


Artist: , Title: Ride or Die, 2010 - click for larger image

Public Art, directional signage to them Directional Signage, Wayfinding Signage, Interactive Art,


R.R. Moton Museum photo by Chandler O'Leary

CNN-Trump lawsuit hearing: Judge orders White House to return Jim Acosta's press pass - CNN

Shout out to Tower, Skiet, Drone, Hack, 2Kil and my crew in the UK; Spar Monster Colours NRFL.

chagall copy.jpg

Environment: TODAY & YESTERDAY

Photo by Sohrab Mohebbi, montage by Babak Radboy. “