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This company rebranded and absolutely changed how I view the

This company rebranded and absolutely changed how I view the


Rebranding is a process that many companies go through at one time or another and more often than not, the rebranding process is a huge success.

Holiday Inn Rebrand Before and After. When a company ...

Clothing company GAP had a notoriously painful rebranding experience in 2010 when it opted to redo its 20-year-old logo using different front, gradients and ...

Royal Mail Rebrand Before and After

Syfy Rebrand Before and After

Company rebranding examples (some that worked, some that didn't)

Pepsi Rebrand Before and After. Pepsi are a brand that ...

Microsoft Rebrand Before and After

BP Rebrand Before and After

Rebranding IBM Anchor, PWC, walmart

In short, to connect with a consumer, it's not always price or product that matters; it's often the personal touch.


Starbucks logo change: No name. More mermaid. Will it sell more coffee? Starbucks logo undergoes a redesign that ...

What do we define as rebranding disasters?

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IHOP has rebranded as IHOb — for now. IHOP

rebranding to stay relevant

Briefing Media rebrands and changes corporate identity to AgriBriefing - NEWS - Farmers Guardian

#1: Domain Name

#1 - MasterCard

When it comes to opening a restaurant, there are a few things absolutely necessary to prolong success through effective brand development.

... never thought of the firm I'd spent a lifetime building being 'beige'. But I started trawling the internet and I realised that she was absolutely right.

If you've ever been part of a company or worked on a product that's undergone a rebrand, you know how absolutely crazy it can be.

Rebranding rarely leads to increased profits, so why do so many big companies invest so

A member of the staff walks through Luke, one of the restaurants still owned by John Besh, on St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans.

Foxtel's MD of customer and retail Mark Buckman reveals foxtel's latest brand transformation

Law Firm Rebranding Ideas

Yet companies do. BP changed its logo to its Helios flower back in 2000 at a cost of US$211 million (US$4.6 million of which was for the actual logo).

Sweetwater Logo.jpg

By Alexandra Reid. Rebranding using social media is a ...

The New You: 5 Golden Rules for Successfully Rebranding Your Business

If it has a Dunkin' Donuts logo on it, it's got to go. Joe Raedle/Getty Images ...

Let's take a close look at big brand logo design successes and failures, plus key takeaways for your business.

By Alexandra Reid

Rebranding is not child's play: how can a change in business name affect SEO?


Continuity in branding includes visuals

Do you have top customers who love your brand and tell their friends about you? Be sure to give them the head's up about your rebranding before ...

Spike TV Gets Fiery Farewell as Paramount Network Launch Approaches (Watch)

New website should be found for old branded keywords

10 Rebranding Failures and How Much They Cost. If your company ...

Some tweaks here and there can result in a really fresh rebrand. Netgear got rid of the dark blue color and opted for a more lively purple.

1. Pepsi

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Question: What are the SEO Implications for Using an Existing URL When Rebranding?

Over the first half of 2018, the Bank of North Georgia and 25 other banks across the southeast will undergo identity changes as they are consolidated with ...

A brand is an incredible thing. It brings life to your company, helps you to cultivate loyalty with a strong personality, and makes it easier for your ...

Supermarket Aldi has rebranded, with the aim of creating a more “contemporary” image for the brand.

Company rebrand 101: How to manage the process step by step. In this Guide

Top Tasks To Put On Your Rebranding To-Do List

How to create a marketing plan for your business_featured image

5 Signs it's Time to Rebrand Your Small Business

Redirecting your Tumblr to a URL on your site

worst rebranding campaigns

rebranding failures

After a lot of negative feedback during the next 6 months, Kraft Foods went back to their original logo. It remains one of the most memorable rebranding ...

“The new logo spotlights the Oscars — creating a triangular shape and uniting the “A” of the Academy with our iconic statuette. This design gives the ...

Cardiff City Rebrand Before and After

Rebranding Your Site + Domain Name Change 101

3. Gap. One of the biggest rebranding ...

Edit your Pinterest profile

Product or Service Changes. Just because you started your business with one particular vision ...

GAP Rebranding Disaster

What NOT to do When Rebranding Your Site (Checklist Included)

Change your display name in G+ for YouTube

Brand Mood and Overall Visuals

Another slight change from one of the biggest companies in the world. Visa removed the iconic yellow flap on the letter V, and gave the whole wordmark a ...

#7 - Gap. Gap's rebrand a ...

The airline repositions following the announcement of new international Dreamliner routes and a platinum WestJet Rewards offering.

He says it's all about bringing back the magic of Bill Hunter's voice intoning those advertisements for The Big Australian more than 30 years ago – ads that ...

Tropicana Rebrand Before and After

Change your Twitter username

Other Microsoft Brands

The story of HP's new premium logo began in December 2008 when the American tech giant commissioned British creative agency Moving Brands to redesign its ...

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When Redscout set out to rebrand, they hired Franklyn, which created a system including unique portrait illustrations of Redscout's staff that captured ...

Change your Instagram username

Many other entities named Alphabet were moved way down the search results pages after Google's announcement. Photograph: Jens Büttner/DPA/Corbis

Sometimes, going back to your old roots is the way to go. The original Art Directors Club logo was a graphic interpretation of the signature of Albrecht ...

Cartoon of successfully rebranded site

For an organization that is supposed to be emanating soft power